The city of Pavia, Lombardy region, Accademia di Voghera society, Amici della musica association of Voghera, Amici della scala e della musica European association and Giuseppe Verdi Academy of music of Milano invite you to participate at the Ultrapadum Festival.

Since 1993, Festival Ultrapadum is one of the most prestigious music reviews in Pavia, Alessandria, Lodi and Milan provinces and one of most well-recognized in Italy.
The Festival location turns among 40 municipalities and it is organized by the “Società dell’Accademia” of Voghera, with the sponsorship of the Lombardy Region, the Province of Pavia and all the municipalities that take part in it.

The organizers' aim – a successful one – is to combine music with the environment and the cultural aspect of this area. The strength of the Festival is to develop all this in order to create the atmosphere, a value which makes a moment unique and unrepeatable: bringing people to music.

The strongest point of the Festival is the possibility to offer cultural events in touristic areas during summer evenings to create a combination of music, landscape and historical sites together with the beautiful weather. This quality and its basic idea to have been able to increase the Festival success in terms of media visibility, institution confidence and audience. Last season the average number of participants ranged between 300-600 viewers each evening.
There are 50 events organized in 50 different important venues around the provinces of Pavia, Alessandria, Lodi and Milan which start from June to the end of September.
A Summer with important pieces of music performed in a picturesque and suggestive environment frame.

The Festival has 4 parts: Opera – Orchestras – Choirs – Dance