Festivals' network

Rome and the Lazio region invite you to participate at the Roma & Lazio International Orchestra Festival.

You can perform with your Orchestra in the most charming and breathtaking Rome venues such as: The Basilica of St. Peter in Chains, Santo Spirito in Sassia church, Villa Celimontana and in many other beautiful concert venues. It is open to all kind of orchestras and ensembles and takes place every year. It is nine weeks long. This Festival offers a range of seven pleasant and large venues to guarantee the best opportunities for your performance. The concerts of the festival are part of the official culture and music programme of the city of Rome and the Lazio region.


Festival at the border, brings together 14 municipalities on the border between Tuscany and Umbria.

The festival is held between the months of June and August and offers residents and tourists of these lovely regions, located in Central Italy, a varied range of classical music (Orchestra and Choirs), opera, ballet and other fascinating cultural events.